ArborXR: Marketing Coordinator for AR/VR Company

Anywhere in the World

Headquarters: Fully Remote


How are you?

I’m sure you’ve read hundreds of these job descriptions by now.

I hope reading this one will be less painful.

The short of it is, we need help.

We need a marketing coordinator.

Someone who can coordinate traffic, project manage and keep the plates spinning.

On any given day you might be prepping for a conference in Germany, talking to our SEO company, giving feedback on a design, placing an order for some sweet team hoodies, coordinating a customer interview, revising a blog, checking in on progress with a team member, managing a project in Asana or jumping on a plane to Tokyo!

Are you that person? Would you enjoy that role?

If so, please apply. I’d love to talk.

A bit about us?

We’re a team of ~30 (with 5 and growing quickly in sales/marketing).

We are fully remote. (US, Canada, Europe.)

You'd be working with a marketing team (not solo).

We’re building some cool stuff. Our product is hot right now.

We don’t micro manage.

We don’t do the startup grind thing (and we don’t work weekends).

If you want to read a bit about our team culture and story... check this:

And if that all sounds nice and you'd like to apply.... please include in your cover letter your favorite flavor of ice cream. This will save me countless hours.


If you are breathing, based in North America, good with details and get excited when you hear words like "metaverse", Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or Extended Reality (XR) you might be a good fit.


$40,000 to $60,000 USD

Full time position with healthcare. (Company covers healthcare and family is included)

To apply:

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