Ayn Rand Institute: Development Marketing Manager

Anywhere in the World

Headquarters: Santa Ana, CA

Does your heart beat faster at the thought of designing a vision for a marketing campaign that people will remember for years? Do you have an interest in Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and the ability to write about it clearly to different audiences? Do you approach marketing with a customer experience perspective, seeking to understand your audience first? Do you have experience with and/or a passion for fundraising?

Then you might be the development marketing manager we’re looking for!

We’re looking for a one-of-a-kind person to join us in working closely with our fundraising team on all things donor marketing.

The qualities we’re seeking include:

You get excited by the idea of brainstorming all the creative ways to entice and retain donors

You’re highly skilled at thinking from the perspective of your audience (in this case, our donors) in service of creating the best possible experience for them at every touchpoint

You have an interest in the Ayn Rand Institute’s mission and at least a casual familiarity with the philosophy of Objectivism (we’re willing to train the right person at a deeper level)

Top-notch written communication—especially of the kind that motivates people to spend money and make difficult change in their lives; bonus if you have experience copywriting marketing & sales emails and/or landing pages 

High level of professionalism and ability to keep a cool head under pressure 

4+ years of experience in marketing, sales, or operations in a marketing-focused business desired

Sound design judgment—you’re not a designer yourself, but you know good design when you see it, and you’re capable of collaborating with an experienced designer to produce beautiful work for both print & digital experiences

Experience with giving creative direction to video producers & editors a plus

Experience with production of printed marketing materials also a plus

Responsibilities include:

Create strategic plans for and drive execution of marketing campaigns targeted toward acquiring new donors, upselling to existing donors, and re-engaging lapsed donors

Collaborate with our marketing director, other marketing managers, designers, writers, and video editors on creative direction of marketing materials and campaigns

Work closely with our director of development and others on our fundraising team to understand our donors and help shape the voice of our communications with them from a marketing and customer experience perspective 

Analyze, understand, and use data to inform marketing decisions 

Manage the ARI Membership program communications to acquire new members, retain and upsell existing members, and win back lapsed members

Help develop promotional plans for new books published by the Institute

Research and stay up-to-date with relevant trends in corporate and foundation giving strategies

Assistance with event marketing & communications

This is a full-time role.

We generally work a Pacific Time business day, 9 am - 5 pm PT. You should have at least 5 hours of overlap with us and/or be willing to work within those hours (i.e. if you’re in Europe you don’t mind working nights). You’ll need consistent availability between 9AM - 3 PM PT for video call meetings. Most of your team in marketing is in Central and Eastern Times, with many of your cross-functional contacts in Pacific Time.

About Us & How to Apply

The Ayn Rand Institute (ARI) fosters a growing awareness, understanding and acceptance of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism, in order to create a culture guided by reason, rational self-interest, individualism and laissez-faire capitalism—a culture in which individuals are free to pursue their own happiness.

To be considered, please send a cover letter that addresses why you’d be a good fit for this role to our Marketing Director Rachael Mare at If this role excites you but you're not sure you have all the right qualifications, please apply; we'd love to talk to you.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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