SaaS company: Head of Engineering

Anywhere in the World

Headquarters: United Kingdom

We build practical distributed systems. We work hard to make sure our build, test, monitoring and hosting systems are world class and easy to use. 
You will lead our engineering team, who make and design critical web services both in up-front design and going support of our operations and systems.
Our platform processes billions of data points each day to ingest, clean, match and enhance linear schedules (think broadcasters) and on-demand catalogues (TV, radio, music, social, etc.) in real time. We develop efficient algorithms to help end-users find content, and help our customers understand how their content is used. Performance is really important: we want our user interfaces to be fast and responsive, and we process too much data to afford the costs of badly architected systems.
We are makers - we spend most of our time making things, not just talking about making things.  Everyone can have their say, work on things that matter to them, and see the results go live to millions of viewers. Joining us means real challenges, hard but satisfying work, plenty of opportunity to learn about and use new technology.
If this sounds like a breath of fresh air, we’d love to talk. Read about our recruiting process, and apply now.
Recruitment Process: 
  1. Short initial call for us to provide an overview of the business (20-30 mins);
  2. 2x Online Tests (20 mins);
  3. Coding Test & Technical Interview (90 mins); and
  4. General Interview (45 mins).

What you’ll do:
As a small established and respected company with a start-up culture, we operate in an ever-changing environment. Your work will include:
  • Leadership. You’ll lead and shape the culture and the performance of the engineering team.
  • Prioritising the workload of the team. We are an agile team who use Kanban to manage our workload. 
  • Client facing. You’ll work closely with  our clients on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Systems architect. You’ll optimise and develop our platform and the related solutions we deliver to our clients. 
  • Write solid code. You’ll need to ensure that you and the team write good, structured, high-quality code in Java. 
  • Create a top-class development environment. Develop shared systems and tools including the maintenance of production and test environments.
  • Stay technically ahead. Making sure you are abreast of the latest technology and tools including products and services offered by our competitors, clients and partners in the media ecosystem.
  • Push the envelope. Experimenting with new technologies to propose and build small experimental projects that extend our knowledge and experience.
  • Thinking like a hacker. Ensure that our product and services are secure. 

Who you are:
The following are essential prerequisites for this technical leadership role:
  • Computer Science or related engineering degree;
  • 10+ years of experience would be ideal;
  • Good English and communication skills are essential;
  • Strong working knowledge and experience of Java; and
  • Knowledge of AWS, Microservices, Node JS and React would be a plus. 

Why work for us?
  • Attractive salary and benefits.
  • Flexible hours and location. If you are not based in the UK, we’d like you to overlap at least 80% of your time with UK hours between 10am-6pm.
  • Real challenges, hard but satisfying work, plenty of opportunity to learn about and use cutting edge technology.
  • Work in a small team with a horizontal hierarchy: just one team, no departments, no bureaucracy. You will work with everyone equally, and as an equal, with the same tools and processes. 
  • Everyone strives for excellence daily, and takes pride in impacting the lives of millions.
  • We work with some of the world’s biggest and best media brands.

How to apply?
  • To apply please email your CV to
  • Please include the letters 'OOB' at the beginning of the subject line

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